Capturing that moment  in the style you choose has never been easier. But with the complexities of modern equipment, never more bewildering. from stone age daubs on rock faces, to sophisticated light painting on buildings, we have come a long way in our art of representing what we see or feel.

Learning the basics on a twin-lens reflex camera at school, and having to develop the film to see the results, is a far cry from where I am/we are now. But that initial creative spark that occurs between eye and brain and execution of idea has been a constant for all of time.

My initial knowledge and training carried me through the first part of my working life where digital media and digital editing were colliding with the creative working environment, making what became to be called multimedia. The world was painted day-glo. And it was, and is, fantastic.

Leaving that world for the next phase in my working life, I never left my love of single-image capture behind. Earlier digital techniques were somewhat cumbersome, the software slow, the kit somewhat lacking. Or certainly with the kit I could afford in the nineties and noughties. 
Now we have fantastic camera kit, and fantastic software, that leaves behind in the dust my favoured Olympus 35mm film SLRs and cumbersome chemical  development. The world is your magical imaging lobster.
I hope you enjoy my view of the world...
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